Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy birthday Desty (˘⌣˘)ε˘`)

3rd December. Happy birthday for my dearest Bestfriend. Not long ago one of my bestfriend got a boyfriend, and now one of my other bestfriend celebrate her born day. What a wonderfull week :D

So much love, pray and support for them.

this is album for Desty's birthday.

Need a lot of energy to make her cake. Because Dewi and I dont have enough money, but we don't like cake we see in carrefor,giant,breadtalk etc. So we decide to buy at indomart near our kos, but it closed, because it's already 22.30 o'clock --"
So we walk to seven eleven tanah abang, but we cant fine vinetta or cake again.
So we walk again to circle K, and we decide to buy oreo and walls.
Take a look at our creative cake. Creative?? wait a minute :p

Behind the scene of desty's birthday :p

Look at your face Dedew :p

Looking at the stars and waiting for my husband in the future #upsssss :p

Dewi and I feel so exhausted :p

birthday girl set timer for camera :)

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