Thursday, November 24, 2011

Baby Soul (Feat. Wheesung) - No Better Than Strangers (남보다 못한 사이)

I'm so in love with this new debut song from baby soul. She is new in Kpop world i guess. It's her first Music Video and single. But i knew her before duet with infinite singing crying. I like infinite and i love this song. So when i heard that baby soul release her first debut video, i don't need much time to search her video :)

And I LOVE IT!!!

get the translation here : link

Will you listen to me? To my little stories?

Who I met today and what happened today?

(It's very easy) Just listening to me is enough

(It's very easy) All you have to do is take my side

* What's so hard about that? Why are you so serious all the time?

What's so annoying about that? You never listen till the end

Did anyone ask you to solve everything? It's not like that
Just close your mouth and listen, listen to me - that's it
When I'm having a hard time, where are you?

You say this quite easily but guys are different

The moment they listen, they worry and they feel like they should do something

(Don't make excuses) You listen to others so well

(Don't make excuses) You're only coldhearted to me

* repeat

We're the closest to each other but you're no better than a stranger

Put yourself in my shoes - why can't you think about how I feel?

You can't at least do that, you jerk? Are my expectations too big?

You can't at least do that, you bad person? You should at least pretend to care

Try caring as half as much you do others - I wouldn't say anything
You're so heartless - I hate you, I hate you
When I have no where else to lean but you

NB: sedikit curcol yak kayaknya :p

No need to worry. Just share this song, no offend, it's similar to my story. But who human being live in this world never feel something like this? So enjoy the time, enjoy the moment, enjoy your moment. Do what you can at your best :)

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